Friday Features

Consistent with one of goals for 2020 – and in spite of the coronavirus pandemic which has curtailed many organizational initiatives for other associations – we are pleased to announce that the DC Coalition has hired a new outreach/engagement/social media manager: Megan Spinella.  Megan has earned a BA in Justice and Peace Studies with a Disability Studies Concentration from Georgetown.  She will be a great addition to the Coalition and will allow us to provide greater visibility and connection among the DD providers and within the entirety of the DC community.  In this new zoom-based, virtual world, the DC Coalition is taking advantage of our global focus on technology to step up our game.  We already have a few projects lined up, one of which will feature some of our smaller providers so that their services can receive some additional prominence.

Every other week, the DC Coalition of Disability Service Providers will be featuring the recent successes of one of our member organizations on our Facebook and Twitter pages via this new project called, Friday Features.  We will be using the main website as a platform to promote best practices, new developments, provider innovation and stories of success.  We will then amplify the message via social media.  We ask that each of our member-providers uses their social media outlets and tools to help to disseminate our bigger message which focuses on the essential nature of provider supports and the empowering of a diverse and dynamic membership that enhances meaningful community engagement for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

As a community of vested providers pursuing equality for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities, we ask that you do your part to help carry this message to the larger community.  Besides stories about your organizations – which I ask you to begin developing – we will be creating some videos for social media usage as well.  We hope that you will enjoy this new benefit of Coalition membership.  Drop by the Coalition website on Fridays to read our stories of success.

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