#FridayFeature: Alco Pharmacy

Friday Feature #7: ALCO Pharmacy’s Website Re-design and Commitment to The Client Experience Online


For this week’s Friday Feature, we spoke with Barbara Denrich of ALCO Pharmacy – a DC Coalition Platinum Member – about their newly-launched website and how it is helping them continue to provide a personalized experience to the I/DD community during this pandemic.

As pandemic restrictions began affecting their in-person meetings, ALCO realized they needed to find new ways to stay connected with their clients and continue to provide a personalized experience in the online space. “When we started to hear about all of the new challenges presented by the pandemic,” Barbara explained, “we knew we had to do more to provide access and contact with the pharmacy.” With in-person visits limited and reduced staff in the office, they identified their website as the best way to achieve these goals and keep the pharmacy running at full capacity.

ALCO put a great deal of thought into designing their new website. “We tried our hardest to capture everything about our organization – our unique culture, our outstanding services, and our dedication to the I/DD Provider Community” said Denrich. Every decision made passed through the filter of ALCO’s three E’s: Educate, Engage and/or Entertain. They worked with local artist Kim Battista to create eye-catching graphics and tell a narrative within their platform. “The artwork is surprising and unexpected” Denrich said, “but more importantly, it shows users what we do by telling a story using characters working in the pharmacy and providing services to our clients.”

Since their soft-launch on August 31st and their full launch in late September, ALCO has already witnessed success. “We’ve been experiencing a lot of efficiencies to the remote care we provide, notably additional methods for requesting refills and paying bills online.” Along with improvements in services, ALCO is proud of their new “Community” tab, updating their users on events they are attending and supporting. Another important addition to their “Community” tab is the “ALCO Diversity Fund,” highlighting their 5 year commitment to addressing racial inequalities in Maryland – established this past Juneteenth.  ALCO Pharmacy has made great strides in continuing to provide excellent and personalized service to the I/DD community via the online space. Check out their re-developed website at www.alcopharmacy.com  to see how their dedication and hard-work has paid off.



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