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2023 Annual Report

We welcome your review of the DC Coalition’s 2023 Annual Report and recap.

#Friday Feature – L’Arche GWDC

Diving Deeper – A new Discussion Series with L’Arche Greater Washington DC This past Friday January, 21st, L’Arche GWDC hosted their first talk in their three-part discussion series ‘Diving Deeper.’ Topics include storytelling, advocacy and diversity and disability. These inclusive online…
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#Friday Feature: Voting Wrap Up

Friday Feature 8- Election Participation Amongst Member Organizations The build-up for the 2020 election reached all areas of our country. Despite the additional difficulties voters faced due to the pandemic, US voter turn-out percentage was the highest it has been…
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#FridayFeature: Alco Pharmacy

Friday Feature #7: ALCO Pharmacy’s Website Re-design and Commitment to The Client Experience Online   For this week’s Friday Feature, we spoke with Barbara Denrich of ALCO Pharmacy – a DC Coalition Platinum Member – about their newly-launched website and how…
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#FridayFeature: DSP Week

Friday Feature #6: DSP Appreciation Week To celebrate Direct Support Professionals Appreciation Week, the DC Coalition would like to bring attention to several different initiatives our member organizations have developed to thank their hardworking DSPs. DSPs have worked tirelessly on…
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#FridayFeature – Voting Info

Friday Feature #5: Resources on Voting in the Upcoming Election Though COVID-19 has affected almost every aspect of our daily lives, it does not affect our responsibility as US citizens to vote in the upcoming November election. For this special…
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#FridayFeature: Innovative Life Solutions

Friday Feature #4- Innovative Life Solutions’ Community Outreach Team In 2018 Innovative Life Solutions (ILS) founded its Community Outreach Team to address the disconnect which they perceived between ILS and the community at large. “We were supporting people in the…
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Friday Feature: RCM of Washington

Friday Feature: RCM of Washington’s New Online Teaching Initiatives   This week’s Friday Feature, focuses on the new and innovative ways that RCM has continued their education and outreach efforts during this pandemic. On Monday June 13th, RCM concluded their…
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Friday Feature: National Children’s Center

How NCC responded to COVID with Accessibility and Inclusivity   For this Friday’s installment, we spoke to Patricia Browne, President and CEO of The National Children’s Center (NCC) on how they responded to the unforeseen challenges of COVID-19 pandemic. After…
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Friday Feature: Azure Healthcare Services

Welcome to the first installment of “Friday Features!”  To start us off, we chose to speak to Beth Henson, CEO, Clinical Director and Policy Chief of Azure Healthcare Services LLC, about how they have maintained zero COVID-19 cases in all…
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